SuccoAcido Collective Readings Tour


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A “SuccoAcido Collective Reading” is a game focusing on the media world. A show dedicated to different cultural scenes, an opportunity for talking about the Information System and today’s Publishing issues, connected to political situation. It’s a performance based show which aims to stimulate the exchange of ideas, music, words. The tuning of the paper and the public reading of the copies of the newspaper are the beginning of an experience that is always different. In each city, several artists will be invited to play or act on stage.

SUCCOACIDO COLLECTIVE READING performing Marc De Dieux – guitar / people reading SuccoAcido magazine onpaper / plus voluntary musicians (from cities on tour) on other instruments, actors, artists playing painting, screaming, speaking accupigghiupigghiu-non-show over SuccoAcido onpaper collective reading


write to: info[at]succoacido[dot]net
or call: ++39.3711502242
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Marc De Dieux

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